Barbed Wire Fence Information

 Barbed Wire is  new protection products, the product is nice looks, economical and practical, and used as secure fencing in construction facilities.features border fence, prisons and other protective fencing.

As different material ,there is Galvanized Barbed Wire,Stainless Steel Barbed Wire and PVC-coated barbed wire

We can get the name of the single barbed wire and double strand barbed wire based on the main wire quantity.

Cause the different produciton way,we can get the normal twisted barbed wire and reversed twisted barbed.

Wire Diameter could be BWG12*BWG12,BWG12*BWG14,BWG14*BWG14,1.6mm*1.6mm,1.7mmX1.6mm,1.6mm*1.5mm

Coil Length is 100M,200M,400M,etc

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