China Wire Fence Features

 China Wire Fence Features


China wire fence is also known as a safety net, our southern region call insulated fence,and northern people call wire fence.Wire mesh fence is divided into: garden fence, rail fence, bridge fence, highway fence, sports fence, airport fence (extremely versatile).

 Types are subdivided into: Frame Fence, triangle bending Fence, a bilateral wire fence, double ring fence, wavy fence, razor barbed wirefence, barbed wire fence, pvc coated wire fence .

Here we will chooese two typical China wire fence .

Framework Fence is a very flexible assembly of products, widely used in China's road, railway, highway, could be  a permanent network of walls,or as temporary isolation, only need to change different column. Common product specifications: Mesh (mm) 75x150, column 50 * 50 (mm), Frame Size 1800x3000 (mm), 30 ° bend,250-300 Embedded base (mm): Advantages: durable, non-deformation, quick installation, the ideal metal mesh walls,

Warehouses Fence (warehouse isolation fence) are widely used in the isolation between the workshop or warehouse and market stalls,it’s good protective performance, the biggest advantage is small footprint, it could increase the effective space, light and strong auxiliary lighting . Warehouse isolation network workshop Fence workshop safety net Material: Q235 low carbon steel wire wire through: 2.8mm - 6.0mm mesh: 50mmX 50mm (oblique square hole) or 50 mm x 50 mm (square hole) or in 70x50 rectangular hole 4. embalmed: the overall dip 5. maximum size: 2.3mx 3m advantages: good protective performance, small footprint, increase the effective space.

Different makketing with different wire mesh size request,if you have any need ,please contact us.