Some information about Playgroud Wire Fence

 Playground Wire Fencebelonging to the site fencing, it is also called as "sports fence, installation could be done as site.The biggest feature of the stadium fence is the flexibility ,it’s available to adjust the structure of the mesh shapeand size according to request .

A popular playground fence Specifications: (1) PVC wire diameter: 3.8MM; 4.0MM (2) mesh 50 MM X 50 MM; 45mm X45mm; 60mm x60mm (3) Size: 3000MM X 4000 mm (4) column: diameter 60/2.5MM of steel pipe (5) horizontal column: diameter 48/2MM, welded steel pipe (6) connection/welding (7) anti-corrosion treatment:Galvanized +PVC-coated

Features: bright colors, engage in aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications, smooth surface, strong tension, less susceptible to physical shock deformation.

Main Use: mainly used for higher quality requirements,such as tennis court, basketball court, site fencing,etc.