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Corral Panel

Corral Panels are made from heavy gauge bar design with a strong vertical centre support in the middle to make the panels structure stronger. Panels are hot-dipped galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance and long life durability. Our corral panel is very easy to set up and dismantle,which are perfect for rounding up cattle or sheep in the fields, penning calves, horse runs and arenas, perimeter fencing.

Popular size
Height x Length
1.6mx2.1m, 1.7x2.3m, 1.8mx2.1m and so on
Pipe Style
Round Pipe, Square Pipe,Oval Pipe
Pipe Specification
32mm O.D. 40mm O.D. RHS40mm and so on
                                  Customer's size is available

Corral Panel 06
Corral Panel 05
Corral Panel 04
Corral Panel 03
Corral Panel 02
Corral Panel 01