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Large Dog Kennel

We mainly produce large dog kennel,and we manufacturer welded mesh dog kennel and chain link mesh dog kennel.

Welded mesh dog kennel eatures:

(1)Heavy Duty (Dia32mm) frame pipe welded frame. with Heavy Dia3.8mm/Dia 4mm


(2)Dog friendly. No sharp edges or mesh ends are welded onto the frame.


(3) Hot dipped Galvanized /Powder-coating finish provides nice surface and anti-corrosion protection


(4) Easy to assemble, only 2 clamps required per pre-assembled panel. Additional panels can be added to make different or larger configurations.


(5)Door can be swung into the kennel or opened outward depending on the habits of your dog. Quick access door latch.



(6) Carton packing is available for easy transportation.


Chain Link mesh dog kennel features:

100% commercial steel grade,quality guarantee,do-it-yourself products.


Welded Mesh Dog Kennel
welded mesh dog kennel 001
welded mesh dog kennel 002
welded mesh dog kennel 003
Large Dog Kennel
6ft*5ft Dog Kennel
Dog Kennel 006
Chain Link Mesh Dog Kennel
Chain Link Mesh Dog Kennel
chain link mesh dog kennel 002