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Pedestrian Barrier System

Our pedestrian barrier with interlocking , along with anti-slip feet, this makes the barriers a suitable choice for construction sites or events  as they are versatile and strong enough to bear any rough site conditions.  They have a fully galvanised exterior that makes them even more durable.


Popular Size

Panel Size


Frame Size

20mm,25mm,32mm,38mm,42mm,48mm O.D.

Infill Pickets

12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm,25mm O.D.

60mm,100mm,190mm,200mm spacing


Hot-dipped galvanized / Powder Coating


Removable or Fixed

Customized size is available

Pedestrian Barrier-05
Pedestrian Barrier-01
Pesestrian Barrier-02
Pedestrian Barrier-03
Pedestrian Barrier-04
Pedestrian Barrier-06